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Interactive 360 Degree Wow Factor

As a freelancer, I work in different places around Greater Boston each week. When I first started out in photography, I used to keep a book of maps in my car in case I had to navigate to an unfamiliar area to grab lunch or supplies while I was on location. Printed maps didn’t show current businesses, so I’d pick a busy looking section and try my luck.

Nowadays I type in the type of service I’m looking for into Google Maps on my phone, and can see all my options in a given area plus reviews, hours of operation, and contact information. I love trying out new restaurants and supporting local businesses–and I hate driving around in circles, so for me it’s a total win.

For small businesses, a Google Business listing is a great way to market to level the playing field against bigger chains. To make it even easier for customers to find your business, Google is bringing together Street View with 360˚ Tours of the interiors of businesses. Your See Inside virtual tour can be seen on your local business listing, found with Google Search and on Google Maps. You’ll also be able to embed them on your website and social media.